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What is the Ohm Zone?

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Curated Sonic Healing

The Ohm Zone  is a high frequency sound studio that has developed an exclusive & extensive catalogue of sound vibrations that are specific to healing a multitude of ailments affecting our minds, bodies and souls. It is personalized sonic healing on a cellular level in the form of prescribed sound recipes geared towards individual needs. No two sonic healing sessions are exactly alike, just as no two humans are exactly the same. 

Our Benefits


Our in-house Sonic Healers conduct private interviews pre-session and then put together the Sonic Healing Experience for you within minutes, while you begin your journey on our patented seated Sonic Pods to clear your chakras and get charged up for your healing session. You are then ready for the 27 minute journey to fully charge and activate you into your fullest expression. 

Ease & Reduce Pain

Improve Flexibility

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Increase Muscle Strength

Sleep Better

And So much More

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We make your cells dance.

The Ohm Zone has the sound technology to raise your vibration to your highest frequency so that you can live your most harmonious and activated life. Everything you need is inside of you. We are just simply clearing away all that no longer serves you. We work with the energy vibrations dispelling whatever you wish to release and summoning anything you want to receive and call in. 

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The Ohm Zone isn’t is a cookie-cutter, ‘one-size fits all’ group sound bath. It is unique customized sonic healing journey that is your own personal frequency  grid to give you your optimal desired outcome and charge you from the inside out.

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